Year: 2018

One of the many factors why adults enjoy going for a swim is because it is a great method to relax. Adults can benefit from the application of adult floats such as a floating raft, floating chair, and floating lounge chair.

Floating chairs are close to most traditional chairs. In most instances, these chairs will have your upper body above water, but your lower body underwater. Floating chairs are a fantastic technique to relax while enjoying the water at the same time. An added benefit of floating chairs is that many have drink holders. This causes ultimate source of relaxation as you won’t have to leave your seat to get a drink.

Floating long chairs are close to, the previously referred to, floating chairs. The only difference is that virtually all of these chairs keep your whole body above water. In a way, they resemble patio chairs that are in the lounge position. Floating lounge chairs are ideal for people who are hoping to sunbathe or relax on the waters surface.

Floating rafts are another popular pool accessory for adults. Not simply will they provide relaxation, but they might provide excitement. This is because most floating rafts are made in a manner that can provide both. Floating rafts, like the majority of other floating furniture, comes in a broad variety of different styles. Regardless of the different types, most floating rafts are similar to those that can be found in water parks. These rafts can be able to hold more than one person or have addresses on the side for fun water pursuits.

If excitement is what you are seeking, as well as floating rafts, you may want to think about obtaining a kickboard, volleyball net, or basketball hoop. Kickboards are ideal for swimmers who are on their own. Volleyball nets and basketball hoops are ideal for people who are swimming with others. Whether you are only swimming with a pair of friends or having a pool party, you may see that these popular pool accessories are only what you need to bring your party to life.

The floats can then be individually removed from the flotation suits as their ability increases. However, leaving a child any age alone in a swimming pool is not advisable. When with an infant, don’t let your eyes stray and most importantly stay present in the moment and attentive or leave the swimming pool area.

We have baby float for first timers and for those looking for an exciting new animal friend to ride around the pool. The floats are all soft and safe for babies; all the floats are compliant with consumer safety regulations. There are floats in bulldozer shaped with a fringe-style shade top. Canopy shade provides sun protection. It floats well, is stable in water and the UV protecting canopy top is one the many things we do to help protect your baby from sunburn.

When your baby grows older, there are great choices of swimming jackets and float suits designed to encourage children to enjoy the water and learn to swim. The children swimming floats provides buoyancy in the right places and can be adjusted as the child’s swimming skills develop. It is an excellent Learn-To-Swim device to instill confidence in the child. The re-usable swim diaper is perfect for the early Swim Steps. The liner has a fabric cover that reassures protection against leaks.

Hiking is something of great adventure but to some hikers it cannot be complete without using hiking hats maybe it is because of the sun rays that one needs to be protected from or it can be simply one’s style to rock a hat while hiking. The main reason why hikers enjoy hats is the protection hats offer from strong UV rays on hot sunny day that can be a threat to the face and the neck.

Well hiking hats range from one type to another to suite different hikers and that is the brighter side of it and as a hiker and someone with passion for hats you should consider these hats you’ll be shocked to find that it may suite your style.

Sunday afternoon’s excursion hat – Not only is this hat great for hiking but it is also fashionable as a casual wear. With a technical straw it can shed water easily from the exterior rather than becoming wet which can be very annoying. It has an adjustable chin strap which is very helpful especially on a windy day where hats can be blown off easily. To make it more interesting it also has a moist-wicking band which is adjustable.

Columbia Bora Bora Booney II hat – made of a UPF50 nylon fabric and re-enforced with an Omni-wick sweat band it provides a comfortable area where the head can sit and fit in perfectly. In addition to that, the hat has non-UPF mesh panels to make sure the head is well aerated and to bring a cooling effect especially on a hot day rather than have a steaming head with no aeration.

ExOfficio BugsAway Mesh Brim Hat – Just as the name suggests, this hat is for the hikers who would like to keep bugs away especially when hiking in swampy places and places infested with bugs. It has a bug repelling mesh in the headband that can be rolled down to protect the face from insects and stings, the repelling mesh can be rolled back up in the headband when not in use to increase visibility. For assurance the hat is also treated with an insect shield to repel insects and bugs.

Outdoor Research Sombriolet – This hat is suitable for hot summer days. With an internal mesh that aids in positioning the hat’s crown over your head, the warm summer air will rush in giving you that relaxation feeling and scape through the vents giving the head a cooling effect. It has a discrete cord along its edge which gives it an upper hand on a windy occasion since it will not be blown away easily.

Amongst the hats listed it is very easy to find that will suite any hiker out there. Not only will the hat suite the style needed but also the environment in which a hiker decides to go and do hiking ranging from wet, hot and even swampy places. With the unique features which each hat possess hiking is made easier for those with the love for hiking.

Amelia Island Map
Amelia Island Map

Amelia Island is located off of the eastern coast of the United States and is nestled just south of Cumberland Island, Georgia. This island is thirteen miles long and at its widest point is four miles across. It is a Florida island and is situated in Nassau County. Amelia Island is known for its five star hotel resorts, fine dining, golf championships, historic sites and fun festivals. Festivals on the island include the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, Amelia Island Jazz Festival, Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, Amelia Island Film Festival and the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival. It is also known for Fernandina Beach, a Victorian village that is home to a large number of attractions, restaurants and shops.

The island is nicknamed ‘Island of the Eight Flags” because it was a possession of several countries over the course of its lifetime, and as such has had eight flags flown over it since its discovery in 1562. It has been a possession of France, Spain (two times in fact), Patriots of Amelia Island, the Green Cross of Florida, Mexico, Great Britain, the United States and the Confederacy.

A primary attraction on the island is Fort Clinch State Park. This state park is situated on peninsula close to the northern point of the island, by the Amelia River. It covers an area of eleven hundred acres and is northeast of Fernandina Beach. The park’s main feature is Fort Clinch. The land on which the fort is located has been occupied by many different military forces since the eighteenth century. Fort Clinch was built after the Second Seminole War in 1847. This fort is shaped like a pentagon and its walls contain a total of over five million bricks. Fort Clinch was named after Gen. Duncan Clinch after his death in 1849.

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
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During the Civil War, this fort was taken by Confederate troops in 1861 and was used as a base of operations for blockade runners. In 1862, the Union recaptured the fort, effectively giving them control of the Florida and Georgian coasts. It was briefly used during the Spanish American War, but was abandoned not long after the end of the war. During the 1930s, the fort was restored by the Civilian Conservation Corps and Florida bought it and the surrounding area. After World War II, Fort Clincher would become open to the public. In 1972, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Now the fort is used for many historical reenactments which can be witnessed year round. But, the fort is not the only thing to do at the park. The park also offers camp sites, beaches to sunbathe, fishing sites and nature hikes. Along the Amelia River is a fishing pier that has changing rooms, restrooms and showers.

Another prominent attraction on the island is the Amelia Island Museum of History Collection. This museum is located in Fernandina Beach and contains a collection of more than a thousand pictures, five hundred books and a three hundred Ephemera collection (letters, maps, booklets, invoices, etc.) Collections at the museum include Footprints in Time, Timucuan Village, Civil War and the Florida Railroad, Spanish Missions of La Florida, Historic Preservation and Nassau County.

Another prominent attraction is the MIission of Nombre de Dios located in St. Augustine. The history of this mission can be traced to the establishment of the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine. During the sixteenth century, Pedro Menendez de Aviles claimed the area for Spain. On the location of the mission, he knelt and kissed a wooden cross that was given to him by Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales. The priest would then start a mass and began construction on the mission. Key features of the mission include Prince of Peace Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, The Rustic Altar, Chapel of Our Lady of La Leche, Our Lady of La Leche Shrine, The Great Cross, Father Lopez Statue and The Shrine Shop.