49 Key Midi Controller: Composers’ First Choice

A writer without a pen or a keyboard; or a driver without a car is simply unimaginable. Similarly, Midi Keyboard, also known as Digital Piano, is an indispensable instrument for a musician. To be more exact, it is a must for music composers of all genres.

There are different types of midi keyboards with different numbers of keys. A premium Midi Controller is not just an impulse buy. You buy a product which makes you feel connected and comfortable in the studio or any live program.

There available a huge range of key number options in a wide variety of brands. Usually, the range starts from 25 keys, and it is also available in 32, 49, 61, or 88 keys. Among all, 49 Key Midi Controller is highly recommended by composers and musicians on MrPianist site. Let’s have a look at why 49 Key Midi Keyboard is recommended, and you will find the best 49 key midi controller here.

Why 49 Key Midi Controller?

Requirements and skill levels

49 Key Midi Controller is suitable for all levels of musicians, from beginner to expert. This meets the requirements of both learner and professional music composer. For beginners, 49 Key Midi Controllers would be the best to start with. This covers the learning purpose as well as will remain fruitful for the future demands.

At the same time, a 49 Key Midi Controller also fulfills the necessities of a professional composer. This covers the low, mid, and high pitch, where a 25 key Midi Controller couldn’t cover all in a row. This allows the bass line, harmony, and the solo in the same board.

Additionally, there are few extra features like MPC functionality and sound control knobs available in a 49 Key Midi Controller which is not always available in 25 Key Midi Controllers.


Secondly, here comes the budget, one of the most important things in your purchasing. It’s always true that the larger the keyboard, usually the higher the price. 49 Key Midi Controller belongs to the mid-range and affordable to the professionals as well as beginners. Surely, a 25 Key Midi is cheaper than 49 Key Midi, but you need to compromise with a few requirements. So, 49 Key Midi is a worth product under mid-range.

In contrast, a larger keyboard like 88 Key Midi requires a significant budget that might not be affordable for all. Here, 49 Key Midi Keyboard is the best fit product.

Space and Portability

Finally, 49 Key Midi Keyboard doesn’t need a large space and it fits well in an ideal workspace. Also, this is easy to carry. You may face difficulties in carrying a large keyboard but 49 Key Midi will give you comfort in carrying. Live performers who need to move from one place to another to perform music, this gives extra benefits.

Approximately, a 49 Key Midi is 32 inches (81cm) long and this is not as big as 88 Key Midi. When you are preparing your home studio, their needs space for other pieces of equipment. Here, a medium-size keyboard saves your space, which allows a good arrangement for other instruments.

On a final note, there are more accountable things to count, and those vary from person to person. If you have enough budget and space for a large keyboard, you may go for that. But, with a medium budget, 49 Key Midi Keyboard covers your requirements and makes you feel satisfied.