Hiking Caps – a Must or a Bust?

Hiking is something of great adventure but to some hikers it cannot be complete without using hiking hats maybe it is because of the sun rays that one needs to be protected from or it can be simply one’s style to rock a hat while hiking. The main reason why hikers enjoy hats is the protection hats offer from strong UV rays on hot sunny day that can be a threat to the face and the neck.

Well hiking hats range from one type to another to suite different hikers and that is the brighter side of it and as a hiker and someone with passion for hats you should consider these hats you’ll be shocked to find that it may suite your style.

Sunday afternoon’s excursion hat – Not only is this hat great for hiking but it is also fashionable as a casual wear. With a technical straw it can shed water easily from the exterior rather than becoming wet which can be very annoying. It has an adjustable chin strap which is very helpful especially on a windy day where hats can be blown off easily. To make it more interesting it also has a moist-wicking band which is adjustable.

Columbia Bora Bora Booney II hat – made of a UPF50 nylon fabric and re-enforced with an Omni-wick sweat band it provides a comfortable area where the head can sit and fit in perfectly. In addition to that, the hat has non-UPF mesh panels to make sure the head is well aerated and to bring a cooling effect especially on a hot day rather than have a steaming head with no aeration.

ExOfficio BugsAway Mesh Brim Hat – Just as the name suggests, this hat is for the hikers who would like to keep bugs away especially when hiking in swampy places and places infested with bugs. It has a bug repelling mesh in the headband that can be rolled down to protect the face from insects and stings, the repelling mesh can be rolled back up in the headband when not in use to increase visibility. For assurance the hat is also treated with an insect shield to repel insects and bugs.

Outdoor Research Sombriolet – This hat is suitable for hot summer days. With an internal mesh that aids in positioning the hat’s crown over your head, the warm summer air will rush in giving you that relaxation feeling and scape through the vents giving the head a cooling effect. It has a discrete cord along its edge which gives it an upper hand on a windy occasion since it will not be blown away easily.

Amongst the hats listed it is very easy to find that will suite any hiker out there. Not only will the hat suite the style needed but also the environment in which a hiker decides to go and do hiking ranging from wet, hot and even swampy places. With the unique features which each hat possess hiking is made easier for those with the love for hiking.