What to prepare for the birth of a baby

The period right before the baby comes can be just as stressful as when you are actually caring for a newborn, especially for first-time parents. It is a constant cycle of reading the same baby books all over again and trying to remember what else needs to be done. Being thoroughly prepared should lessen the stress after birth to some degree so it is worth making sure that you have everything you need.

A big part of baby preparations, apart from attending classes and reading baby guidebooks, is purchasing the right equipment. You don’t want to have to run to the store after the baby comes so make sure you have everything now. In this short guide, we will go over some of the essential items every home with a newborn needs.


The bassinet is where your newborn will spend most of their time during the first few months of his life. A bassinet is like a very small crib for your baby and it is usually outgrown after the first 4 months. They are very portable and can be moved around easily around your bedroom. Some even come with a rocking option that can lull your newborn to sleep effortlessly. To find your perfect bassinet check out this article: best baby bassinet – reviewed by Lille Nord.

Changing table/pad

You need to prepare a safe and clean space to change your newborn’s diapers. You can go with a full-sized changing table or purchase a changing pad that can be placed on top of other surfaces, like a dresser or a table. It all depends on your room configuration and space availability. It’s a plus if the changing table has safety guardrails around it. Also make sure that there is enough space to put all other necessary equipment, like diapers, wet tissues, and lotion.

Baby swing

A baby swing is a great item that isn’t used often enough. It will literally save your time and sanity. You can put your newborn in a baby swing whenever you have to go and do something else, like go to a toilet. They sway in a gentle motion that soothes the child and gives the parent some well-deserved break. Many baby swings come with a plethora of additional options, like swinging speed and direction settings, built-in music, and colorful toys hanging from the sides. Look here for the list of baby swing reviews.

Baby tub

A newborn also has to be bathed regularly and it can be one of the most stressful activities for unseasoned parents. The baby will get wet and slippery so it can be difficult to keep them in a steady position. You cannot bathe a baby in a regular bathtub or shower due to these safety issues. You will require an infant tub. It should be just a little bigger than the baby to minimize the risk of them fully submerging in the water. This means that the baby will quickly outgrow the tub and you will need to either keep purchasing new ones every few months or invest in a convertible tub that has an adjustable size.